About Harrodsburg, Kentucky Marty

We thought we would share a bit about Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Harrodsburg has a population of just a bit less than 9,000 people, and has an incredibly pleasant historic district that is quaint, charming, and popular among travellers looking to see towns that were settled back in the 1700’s.

The most popular bed & breakfast in Harrodsburg is The Beaumont Inn, which has was initially built in 1845, and was added to a couple times in the 1800’s. There are a total of 31 rooms available for rent, and we at Old Fort Harrod State Park routinely recommend that guests stay at this beautiful Bed & Breakfast. You can reach The Beaumont Inn by calling 1-800-352-3992 for reservations.

As we were walking through downtown Harrodsburg the other day, we came across a young couple sitting in a coffee shop that had a couple questions about the State Park and the history. What we thought would be a routine visit where we offered directions and some tips on what to see turned into an all day affair, complete with a personal tour of Old Fort Harrod.

Brad and Erica Sawatzky were travelling from Colorado through Kentucky and onto Florida to visit Brad’s grandparents. They had not planned to spend much time in Harrodsburg, saying it was just a planned stop for a night on their road trip down south.

Erica is a psychiatrist who works at the University of Northern Colorado, and Brad is a realtor who specializes in selling residential and commercial properties in Fort Collins Colorado. To see his website, click here.

Brad was telling us about his roots in the south, and his love for settlements, so we naturally offered the golden tour, making sure to take the time to explain how James Harrod founded the town of Harrodsburg, and more about how the settlement was preserved throughout the years.

The visit was so pleasant, mostly because of the great questions that Brad had about the settlement. The best part of their stay was seeing the re-enactment that was on display at the state park, which they said they would remember forever.

Like we shared in this post, we love working in a state park because of all of the visitors that we are able to meet and talk to.

To learn more about visiting our State Park, Contact us here.

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About Harrodsburg, Kentucky

Welcome to our Blog Marty

Old Fort Harrod welcomes you to our blog, which is in existence to give information about Old Fort Harrod.

Old Fort Harrod was the first American Settlement, well, the first permanent American settlement in the state of Kentucky, settled back in 1774. The Fort is named after James Harrod, who was the leader of early settlers in the great state of Kentucky.

James Harrod’s life is a bit of a mystery, but what we do know is that he was a great soldier, pioneer, and hunter who led a very impressive life. He led an army of settlers, about 40 or so, into Kentucky, as well as Illinois.

Known for his ability to Hunt, Trap, and Fish, researchers say that he was very adept with a rifle, and was an expert marksman.

Harrod met and was friendly with Daniel Boone, and many considered Harrod a contemporary of Boone. Harrod was a very adept military leader, holding the rank of Captain, and later in his military career, Colonel.

He was married to a lady named Ann Coburn McDonald, with which Harrod became father to a daughter named Margaret, in 1785. It is unknown whether Margaret had any children of her own.

Harrod’s disappearance remains a mystery, and it’s unclear when he died. He disappeared in late 1792 to hunt for Beaver, and never came back. Some say that he was a social recluse, and simply wanted to live in the wilderness and live off the land.

There is a theory that Harrod was murdered by one of his fellow hunters over a dispute, but that theory has never been proven true or false.

What we do know is that Harrod brought a group of settlers with him to the area that is now Old Fort Harrod, inside Old Fort Harrod State Park.

You can come back to the Home Page at any time by visiting oldfortharrod.com

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Welcome to our Blog

Our trip to Louisville Marty

This weekend, we made the trip to Louisville, Kentucky to visit some family near Louisville University. We were in the city for a couple of days on Saturday and yesterday, and walked around Louisville University’s beautiful campus to see the scenery.

Here’s some great pictures from the trip:

Belknap Campus University of Louisville Urban research University at Louisville Research building in Louisville

We loved the beautiful campus, but more than anything, we loved travelling around and talking to people about Old Fort Harrod, and giving them some reasons to come visit us. Most people that we visited with were unaware of the history of Old Fort Harrod, so it was great to educate them about what we have going on in Harrodsburg, and urging them to visit as well.

We were able to speak with some students about our internship options and as a result, we expect some interest to come in internships for the spring semester. We thought about offering a summer unpaid internship as well, with the option to provide housing just outside of Harrodsburg at a host family’s home. There was some great interest in that.

We don’t venture outside of Harrodsburg very often, so this was a nice change for us, and we are going to start incorporating a lot more outside trips to spread some knowledge of our lovely little town.

We also will be travelling outside of the state in the spring to Tennessee and Indiana to see the university of Tennessee and Indiana University. With so many students majoring in history, this is a great opportunity for them to get their feet wet in working at a historical site, and we are very excited about offering the opportunity.

If you are reading this, and want more information about Old Fort Harrod, please email us at oldfortharrod@oldfortharrod.com.

Thanks for visiting, and a big thank you to the faculty at University of Louisville’s history department for the phenomenal tour!

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Our trip to Louisville

Our favorite part of working in a State Park Marty

Our absolute favorite part of working in a state park is the fact that we get to meet so many new people. If you factor all of the visitors that come to Old Fort Harrod State Park yearly, the opportunity to converse and find out where people are from and learn more about their interests are innumerable.

Just yesterday, we met Jim and Cindy, a retired couple from Colorado who love to travel and visit State parks along the way. Jim is a retired Park Ranger, and Cindy is a retired teacher. Both, because Jim has worked up in Estes Park for over 30 years, have visited State Parks all over the nation and have made it a habit to critique them along the way. They are thinking about starting a blog to talk about all their experiences, and I chimed in saying that they should definitely do that!

We also had the privilege of meeting a gentleman named Rick, who is currently in the Army serving as a trainer of military personnel in upper Massachusetts. He’s an avid Red Sox fan, and was passing through town on a road trip when he heard of Old Fort Harrod and wanted to learn more about the history around our state park.

Most people come to visit Old Fort Harrod State Park for the incredible recreations of what it was like living in the 1700’s in Kentucky. We’ve embedded a Youtube slideshow below so you can see some pictures, and get an idea of what you would be able to see if you took some time to visit us.

Pretty cool stuff. This is complete with British settlers and cannons, so you get an actual feel along with the storyline of what would take place back in the old days.

We hope you’re able to come visit, and if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us through our contact page!

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Our favorite part of working in a State Park